Institute of Bio-IT founded in 2003 to be a network of excellence in systems and synthetic biology. Institute of Bio-IT is a nonprofit research organization in the field of Bio-IT (systems and synthetic biology) that has gathered a team of scientists across disciplines in an effort to enable individualization of solutions that will protect life and improve human performance.


The institute’s vision is to create an interdisciplinary program focused on systems and synthetic biology; bring together biology, physics, chemistry, and engineering to foster interdisciplinary research by entraining skills beyond the individual science and engineering disciplines, exploiting and promoting cutting-edge advances in science and technology, and facilitating transitional activity between pure and applied research. We will use this natural synergy among disciplines to enable fundamental discoveries, and to develop new understandings, research opportunities, technologies, and innovative products to advance our understanding of life and to improve human life performance. The Institute places equal emphasis on computational and experimental methods and on molecular and systems views of biological phenomena.


The institute’s mission is to conduct contextual research and professional educations in the field of Bio-IT (systems and synthetic biology). The institute strives to provide a center for cooperation in specified research program areas by scientists, engineers, staff and students. Special effort is directed toward the understanding of complex biological systems through the tight integration of systematic experimentation and computational modeling, the creation of the next generation of scientific leaders, transition of research results into practical applications, and the building of a systems biology community across industry and academia. In addition, inter-disciplinary collaborative research programs are emphasized, and all research institutes, universities, corporations and related organizations are invited to participate in institute’s research and educational programs.